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[1995-11-20-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart


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On here for the HUGE angle, but Shawn/Owen was always good, and this is no exception to that. But there are so many touches that were handled so well. After Diesel does his promo earlier in the show, they show him leaving the building, to explain him not coming out to check on his friend. They also promised comments from Shawn after the match about his friend's change of heart, which obviously didn't happen. And the announcers leaving the booth was a nice touch too. Things like this has been done to death since then, but this was pretty fresh and awesome at the time. They show a concerned fan at ringside, who was also at ringside at Survivor Series as a big Diesel fan. Maybe elements of this have been done to death since, but the first time was great.

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Really fun match that of course gets forgotten about in the wake of the ending. This would get repeated and done to death a million times afterward, but here it's fresh and it's an angle that people really believed and were emotionally invested in--maybe the first such angle the WWF has run all year if not multiple years. And there was no real Sledgehammer of Plot stuff here--even the foreshadowing with Lawler and Vince recounting all the punishment Shawn took the previous night is handled with some subtlety.


I wonder if this led to the highest ratings in WWF Mania history.

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Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart - WWF RAW 11/20/95


Right on the heels of the Diesel quasi-shoot promo where he outed Vince as the boss, WWF runs another huge angle with Shawn's collapse in the ring based off the Syracuse Incident. The match itself before the monster angle was really damn good. Shawn vs Owen is always a damn good time. Really liked Shawn's shine lots of movement and energy and playing to the crowd. Owen was great bumping for him. Owen catching with a clothesline over the top rope and then blasting him with a baseball slide was great. Is Owen the king of the baseball slide? Owen's heat segment on Shawn is awesome! German suplex, backbreaker, spinwheel kick among other things. Owen was in such a groove and Shawn is great at selling peppering in hope spots like a backslide. Owen goes for a superplex, but Shawn shifts his weight. Great spot! Shawn runs through his comeback in grand fashion. He really had the crowd behind him. He goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Owen hits the Enziguiri of Death and Shawn goes down in a heap. I thought that was end, but there's more. Shawn actually gets up and fights off Owen's Sharpshooter and manages to clothesline him out and skin the cat back in. So he gets a big pop for that and then gets woozy and collapses!


That was an even better way to handle the angle. If they just did the enziguiri everyone would have thought it was a part of the story. By having him fight off Owen and then collapse, they really blurred the lines. Great execution from Shawn's selling to Owen, Cornette, Vince and Lawler's reactions. All time great angle that really bolsters an already very good match. ***3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [1995-11-20-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart

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