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Hijo del Santo


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I saw his name in a match result over on cubsfan's site for the first time in what seemed like forever. I know he's not the easiest guy in the world to work with but I'm shocked neither of the big two Mexican companies have called him yet. I know Paco would rather swallow a jar full of bees than give up on a grudge, but CMLL hasn't exactly been on fire as of late.


It's just odd in a world where Hulk Hogan still draws a paycheck from a major company at a point where he can't really even bump anymore, a guy who was arguably as big a star and can at least still work can't buy a ticket to a major show.

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He was at one of AAA's big shows a couple years ago as part of a big cage match vs Konnan's group. He even got the ring but had no other appearance. it had something to do with royalties. And he is on the CMLL "will never appear in Arena Mexico again" list along with Konnan and Octagon. He's got it made with his weekly tv show and magazine column.

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He had a falling out with CMLL, and Paco put him on his shit list along with threatening to blackball any promotion that works with him. I believe AAA would be willing to have him, but the common theme when trying to make a deal with him is that he asks way too much money.

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