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[1994-05-28-SMW-TV] Dirty White Boy and Jake Roberts


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Thatcher’s timing is not the best. Nobody is interested in doing an interview.


Roberts still has his hair. Damn good promo. He switches back and forth between first and third person trying to explain his reasons. Jake blames others and closes that what happened was not his fault.

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Les Thatcher tries to get a dressing room but the Dirty White Girl is on a stretcher and being carried out to an ambulance by Tony Anthony, Tracey Smothers, The Thrillseekers and Bobby Blaze.


Jake Roberts says that in the heat of the battle men are sometimes asked to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Sitting here reflecting on what just happened, he wonders what goes through his head as it’s not like he set out to do that. Then he remembers reading about Cain and Abel and wonders how Cain felt…because right now he feels pretty good. He taught the Dirty White Boy a lesson and showed him what he would sacrifice to get the job done. If it means picking a chair up and throwing it across the room, Jake the Snake will pick that chair up and throw it further than anybody else. If it means pushing that red button, if it means going down to the final countdown, Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts will do that. Why? Because nobody has ever given him a damn thing his whole life, all they are interested in is what they want and that’s why Jake does the things he does. It’s not Jake’s fault, he’s a nice boy, he’s fun to play with, but he’s not playing with Tony, he’s the example. He warns the White Boy to keep the Dirty White Girl away from him and if he wants, the White Boy can keep away from him too.


The run of great interviews and promos from Jake continues.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-05-28-SMW-TV] Dirty White Boy and Jake Roberts

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