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[1994-06-03-AAA-Sin Limite] El Hijo del Santo & Heavy Metal & Mascara Sagrada vs Jerry Estrada & La Parka & Psicosis


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When did Metal turn? Weird that I didn't notice him teaming with Rey and Winners earlier in the year.


That's some impressive dragging out of Jerry Estrada's name by the ring announcer!


Really a standout AAA trios match with quite a few twists and turns. At first, everyone tries to wrestle. Santo and Psicosis try, and in a funny moment, Sagrada gets in the mount position and challenges Parka to actually wrestle. Parka acts scared for his life and takes a few bumps off of Sagrada while barely making contact with him. Great comedy! Parka's comedy is the highlight of this match.


Heavy Metal and Jerry Estrada work well together, but I wish they were working more schtick to fit in with everyone else, as their wrestling doesn't have as much personality, but they are great sequences. And for whatever reason, La Parka and Mascara Sagrada have really good chemistry. Santo and Psicosis keep popping up opposite each other, but they can't ever seem to quite meet their own standards to me.


I like the teased finish in the first fall of the guy doing the headscissors in the middle of the make-a-wish spot, just because that always happens in these matches, and instead they use it as a false finish. La Parka and Psicosis as combustible tag team partners is also always a great time.


I'm not sure what the issue is, but does anyone else notice that Santo tends to be invisible in these trios matches? I don't get it.


The third fall gets more serious, with Metal bleeding and being worked over. We get an awesome dive train to close things out before Estrada makes Metal submit. The dance-off to "Thriller" with Santo, Parka and Psicosis rocks!

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La Parka looking for the mount and continuing to get taken down was fun. Liked his comedy selling of the spinning backbreaker. He also kicks the ropes in frustration which causes teammate Heavy Metal to fall down. Parka tries to sell a low blow when he gets bulldogged. I believed him!


Sagrada launches Estrade at one point with a monkey flip into the ropes. I didn’t see what set La Parka and Psicosis but they get testy for a few seconds. I also barely noticed the second fall. Everyone seemed so nonchalant.


Seemed to slow down a bit as match went on until we get the dives near end of the match. Good match but like the first fall the best. Agree on Santo, he was nearly invisible in this match. Seems like when there are multiple guys in the ring, he is off on the apron.

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La Parka is the star in this. His comedy is tremendous. The spot with Sagrada challenging to an actual wrestling match was awesome. I was hoping for a more out of this world bump from Estrada but we still got a high monkey flip into the ropes and big time back drop to the floor. Santo seemed to meander around and not really add to the match at all but his dive was great. Heavy Metal did a solid job of being the sympathetic guy here and I enjoyed his exchanges with Estrada. Psicosis took a few great bumps and it was a joy to see he and La Parka nearly square off. The finish was excellent with a wild dive sequence followed by Estrada making the vulnerable Heavy Metal submit. The post-match dancing to "Thriller" with the little La Parka kid and company was awesome as well. Great fun.

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Good trios match but seemed to rehash a lot of the previous trios and that brought it down a notch for me. Parka did some of the same stuff but him acting like he got hit in the balls and pleading with the ref to call for the DQ never gets old. Match also lost a little steam the longer it went on. I think Santo is not the star in these matches mainly because the classic Santo matches of him as a single feature him working really well on the mat and mixing in drama with the high falls. In a trios nature with more non stop action, a lot of his spurts and subtle transitions get lost because besides his big dive and head-scissors, not much else he does is extremely flashy.

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Someone's going have to explain why Estrada is covered with Stars of David all over his attire here. La Parka is so darn likable--how much longer can he believably be a rudo? Even the coverage touches on that fact. Of course, he's also such a great stooge that using him as a babyface seems like a waste, too. After the classic amateur wrestling showdown with Sagrada, Parka kicks the ropes in frustration...right as Estrada is bouncing off of them, sending him to the floor. Some great comedy stuff going here. AAA matches tend to have a lot of bullshit in them, but this was entertaining bullshit, at least for the most part. They add a few twists, like Estrada breaking up the usual lucha rowboat spot. Eventually things break apart into a chaotic brawl in the third fall, with some cool dives that take out everyone except Metal and Estrada, leading to a clean rudo submission win. Mostly good stuff but I thought Metal had a fucking horrible performance--his timing was off on lots of things and it wouldn't surprise me if he was drugged out of his gourd for this, because he was out of it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-06-03-AAA-Sin Limite] El Hijo del Santo & Heavy Metal & Mascara Sagrada vs Jerry Estrada & La Parka & Psicosis

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