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[1994-06-14-ECW-TV] Music Video: Public Enemy


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I know this is what ECW was all about, but mixing in the actual video with wrestling clips felt ... desperate. HEY LOOK AT US AND HOW CURRENT AND COOL WE ARE. Maybe that's unfair, but that's what I thought watching that. If the actual video wasn't spliced in, maybe I wouldn't have had that reaction, but as it stands, it looks like they're wanting us to think Public Enemy was every bit as big as Coolio at the time, and that's quite the stretch. (I realize ECW always did that, and I always thought that.)

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I didn't see it as them trying to make Public Enemy as cool as Coolio nor are they. I see it as them picking whatever the current songs are and using the music videos. But I guess that could be seen as trying to be hip with the times. They are probably trying to fill time on their TV show and with 4 minute music video it is just easier to split up half of it with actual footage of the music video. That said, the clips of Funk alone did not fit with this song.

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This isn't as slickly put together as a WWF or even a Memphis music video, but the choice of song works--it's instantly cooler and more "with it" than any other promotion in the country. That said, you can pretty obviously see that they put in the absolute bare minimum amount of actual, in-ring wrestling content for it to qualify as a wrestling video. Hiding weaknesses is a Paul E. specialty and in this case the weaknesses cover everything that happens once the bell rings.

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