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[1994-06-18-USWA-TV] Interview: PG-13


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I think this is the first yearbook appearance of PG-13 as babyfaces on a yearbook. Here, they celebrate a recent tag title win over The Eliminators. They end up getting attacked. Saturn and Kronus in Memphis just feels strange to me.

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See, most of the Memphis I saw the first go-round was a.) the McMahon stuff, and b.) stuff from 1995. So I'm used to PG-13 as babyfaces and it was weirder seeing them as heels. They're good enough to work both ways--they're scuzzy and sleazy, but also small and capable of sympathy, with some crowd-pleasing flashy offense. They're forcing Bert Prentice to put up $1,000 to get a tag title rematch before the 30-day deadline, which seems like a dick move for a supposed team of babyfaces. The Eliminators take out their frustrations. Jeff Gaylord, Spike Huber, and the Colorado Kid make for one sad collection of mid-card babyfaces.


Bumper footage of PG-13 clobbering some jobber with their hubcap--wait a minute, what the fuck WAS I just saying about these guys working as babyfaces?!

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