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[1994-06-27-WWF-Raw] King's Court: Owen Hart


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Owen's scepter is kinda cool. It would make an awesome cupcake decoration. Gorilla Monsoon undercutting the top heel at the booth is annoying but unsurprising. Owen's big moment promos aren't always good, but he was a better talker than he got credit for.

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The scepter is cool, the crown is ridiculous and so lame that it can't even cross back over the line into cool again. Monsoon's "LIAR--YOU GOT LUCKY!" in regards to Owen's victory over Bret is absolutely fucking infuriating. There's the usual Monsoon quirks and then there's the unforgivable shit that belies the idea that he had any goddamn clue how to get over anything at all besides the Brain's quips and his own ego. I'm thinking back to all 4.5 Yearbooks I've watched, trying to remember one other time besides the '92 Rumble where Gorilla actually said something to put a heel over. Bitching aside, this is a very strong promo from Owen, full of rage and fire, actually much better than the KOTR coronation.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-06-27-WWF-Raw] King's Court: Owen Hart

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