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[1994-07-30-WCW-Saturday Night] Nick Bockwinkel statement


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Bockwinkel says Flair vs Hogan was the most watched wrestling match in WCW history. Not even remotely true. Bockwinkel announces that Flair will get a rematch against Hogan at the Clash on August 24. He says Sherri's interference did not go unnoticed, and he fines her $25,000. Even in the booking, they can't give a heel a break.

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I actually like the idea of fining wrestlers and managers for abusing referees, as Sherri did at BatB. They just need to be more consistent about it, the way Bob Armstrong was. Bockwinkel announces a World title rematch at the Clash of the Champions, and Iowa makes up for losing out on the bidding for Starrcade '93 by landing Hogan/Flair II.

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