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[1994-09-10-USWA-TV] Interview: Tommy Rich & Buddy Landell / Tommy Rich & Buddy Landell vs PG-13 / Tommy Rich, Buddy Landell and the Moondogs


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  • 2 months later...

One of the best things about Buddy Landell is the conviction with which he talks about people that no one really cares about. He cares, damnit. Rich and Landell is a good team at this stage for both of them.


Next up is Rich/Landell vs PG-13. The match lasts about three minutes before The Moondogs come out for revenge and start hitting the heels with garbage cans. They end up brawling into the TV station parking lot. The Dark Patriot ends up helping Rich and Landell out with a board, and Brian Christopher shows up to even the sides. Pretty wild parking lot brawl. It always cracks me up when cars pass by in he background. It makes me wonder what they're thinking.

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Rich and Landell's strike seems to be over as they show up at TV for a match with PG-13. Quick match as the Moondogs show up and interfere. Brawl spills out to the parking lot with a bunch of people involved. I liked some random person on the street walking by this all and not even bothering to stop to watch. Like this is a regular thing that happens in Memphis.

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This was entertaining. Buddy Landell and Tommy Rich cut good promos and wrestle PG-13 for about three minutes. A few minutes later they're in a wild brawl in the parking lot with the Moondogs. Notice there is a person walking down the sidewalk at the end of the parking lot. God knows his reaction.

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Landell cuts yet another awesome promo gloating over taking out one of the Moondogs, with Rich adding some semi-psychotic interludes. Match is basically just a shine sequence for PG-13 when the Moondogs--both of them--attack. This spills out into the parking lot. Notice how Landell and Rich are making every effort not to have to roll around in wrestling gear on the blacktop. They both take like 5 chairshots and don't go down once. Jobbers, the Dark Patriot, and Brian Christopher eventually make their way in and a pretty crazy scene erupts. Everyone else has pointed out the passing cars and lone pedestrian, and yep, that's what I zeroed in on as well. Also, I'm not ashamed to admit I Google-Earthed to see if that Pizza Hut is still there. It's a Panera Bread now, though it seems to have been a very recent change.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-09-10-USWA-TV] Interview: Tommy Rich & Buddy Landell / Tommy Rich & Buddy Landell vs PG-13 / Tommy Rich, Buddy Landell and the Moondogs

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