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[1994-10-01-USWA-TV] USWA Recap


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Sorrow and Tragedy? Miss Texas shows up to run off Fantasia. We are jumping around on clips here as Gilbert beats Kronus with the help of a chain. He trades the chain off to Sid who uses it against the Eliminators. Lawler in to take on Sid. Christopher to go after Gilbert. Bowden gets his face mask lit on fire with a fireball.

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Miss Texas shows up and attacks Fantasia. She gets a big pop, almost loses her top and throws some great punches.


Also on the show, Doug Gilbert had a match against one of the Eliminators Sid at ringside tossing him a chain. Fun to hear the studio crowd in a "Powerbomb!" chant. Lawler and Christopher come out to even the sides when the heels won't leave well enough alone, and Scott Bowden ends up eating a fireball!

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The Phantoms and Fantasia in particular just scream "Jerry Lawler gimmick." The Eliminators do a job for Doug Gilbert & Sid, looking absolutely nothing like the "most innovative tag team of the '90s" or whatever Paul Heyman was able to pass them off as. They just look like two clumsy oafs. "POW-ER BOMB" chants from the studio. See how simple it is to get a big move over if you sell it properly? Scott Bowden eats fire from Jerry Lawler, which I question the wisdom of giving away on television.

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