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[1994-12-17-SMW-TV] Dirty White Boy & Mystery Opponent / Rock & Roll Express & Jim Cornette / Interview: The Gangstas / Interview: Buddy Landell


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  • 2 months later...

DWB agrees to sign the contract to face the mystery opponent at Christmas Chaos without knowing who his opponent is. As soon as he signs, a suit-clad Buddy Landell comes from behind and attacks DWB. He puts a plastic bag over DWB's head, with Ross referencing Flair/Funk in '89. The Rock & Rolls finally make the save. Good beatdown.


Next up, it's time for that nosy Jim Ross to try to talk the Rock & Rolls out of letting Cornette manage them at Christmas Chaos. Ross runs down a full list of every rotten thing Cornette has done to the Rock & Rolls over a 10-year period. Cornette comes out and totally freaks out and he and Jim Ross get in a shouting match! Finally, Cornette reminds the Rock & Rolls that he needs them. Finally, after things calm down, the R & Rs agree to still let Cornette stay in their corner, but issue a strong threat to Corny if he turns on them. One of the best segments of the year!


Then, the Gangstas are out and promise a surprise.


Finally, Buddy Landell is out for an interview with his LA lawyer. Great to see him in SMW. He's much better here than in the USWA. This promo is just his first one in, and it's also one of the best interviews of 1994. He shoots on Hogan and Flair! This promo goes a long way in establishing him as a serious top heel instead of a poor man's Nature Boy.

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Great segments overall. buddy Landel does a great beatdown which is sort of rare in SMW. He then cuts an amazing promo looking like a big star.


The Cornette/Ross/Rock N Roll segment was glorious and the evidence against Cornette being trustworthy really is adding up and Ross is his sarcastic best in the segment.

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Lots of awesomeness here. First of all, Buddy Landell's debut establishes him as a main player, and he cuts a mean, serious promo, including shots at Hogan and Flair. ECW ! ECW ! Wait. Hell, I would have loved to see Landell in ECW too. And in WCW as nWo Nature Boy. Anyway, I'm just having fantasies here. Landell is in SMW and he's already at the level of the best promos of the year.


Then the segment with Ross running down Corny's evil deads. Ross is perfect here, as is Cornette's running on the stage outraged. I feel like Morton kinda comes off a bit naive as it's not like the Heavenly Bodies haven't slapped his father around a few months ago, and it's like they are desperate with the Gangstas to the point they kinda forgot everything Cornette did to them. Having Cornette remind what they did to him to was a smart way to reequilibrate the balance.


Two great segments, as SMW has gotten on the right path again during the fall. Things are exciting again.

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I wonder if this "agent" is Bob Harmon, an old Midwest-area worker. Good sneak attack by Buddy, and I'm really looking forward to what he does in this run. He's a worthy challenger for the title, something Anthony has rarely had aside from Jake. I like how he took the time to dust himself off after laying DWB out.


Everyone (except Robert Gibson, who's just there) is on fire in the next segment. Ross drops more historical bombs, and Cornette is great as usual in responding. Morton promises the wrath of God if Cornette turns on them in their last title match, but Cornette then drops a new wrinkle at the end by promising a surprise at Christmas Chaos. Can't wait!


New Jack calls out Cornette for not knowing what doing wrong *really* is. New Jack seems to have a surprise of his own.


Landell cuts an awesome money promo, his line about Dirty White Girl and the plastic bag had me almost rolling. What an absurdly grandiose interview. "Ric Flair got beat by a guy who's closer to 60 than he is 30!" Holy shit. One of the best interviews of the year!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-12-17-SMW-TV] Dirty White Boy & Mystery Opponent / Rock & Roll Express & Jim Cornette / Interview: The Gangstas / Interview: Buddy Landell

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