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Early in the show (not shown), Devastation Inc. celebrate their birthday and have cake and decorations and other assorted snacks at ringside.


Later, Jeff Jarrett is working a squash and Devastation Inc. all run into attack him. Jarrett singlehandedly fights off all four guys, which is ridiculous, until Chico Torres throws hot sauce still at ringside from the party in Jarrett's eyes.

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Jarrett wins with a small package. Didn’t really hook the leg there. Falcone and Gary Young run in. Falcone somehow manages to almost crush is own throat on the tope rope while being Irish whipped. The numbers advantage is too much with Devastation Incorporated. Jarrett ends up getting hot sauce rubbed in his eyes. Interesting choice of weapon.

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The best part of this is Percy selling the hot sauce as a weapon. He says it's the hottest sauce he's ever tasted, and even when Travis comes down with a wet towel, he says it won't do Jarrett much good. Heel, face, or whatever else, Percy's the best commentator USWA Texas has at the moment.


Yes, the one-on-four business was a bit overboard, but I think they were going for the hot sauce being a shocking development, and they couldn't have done that with a prolonged beatdown. Besides, Jeff should be able to fight four ham-and-eggers like these off, at least temporarily.


Another tremendous angle from USWA Texas. No other promotion out there has so many legitimate top-flight angles going on at one time currently, and the size of the promotion makes that achievement even more remarkable.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-06-16-USWA-Championship Sports] Devastation Inc. Birthday Party

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