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[1990-06-16-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Percy Pringle


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Fritz Von Erich's horsefaced son was carried out last night with a bad neck. Kerry's last match for the promotion was 7/7, as I remember reading the other day--Pringle hypes up another Kerry/Borne match, then declares that Chris Von Erich can have his debut match against him and produces a set of Chris' first wrestling trunks which is basically a thong. Pringle's bug-eyed act is so much better now that he's playing a nutcase for a rather low-rent promotion than trying to act as the dignified manager of a "World Champion." IT'S YOUR FAULT OLD WOMAN, IT'S YOUR FAULT PUNK, IT'S YOUR FAULT FRITZ, IT'S YOUR FAULT DORIS.

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It seems like they were trying to tease a Fritz appearance that, to the best of my knowledge at least, never happened.


Percy's promos are probably the best thing about this feud now that Kerry's time in Texas and the original issue between him and Borne are both waning. He's very believable blaming the fans for what they "forced" him to do to their heroes the Von Erichs. Bringing Doris in may have been a bit over the top, but I seem to remember both the Freebirds and Gary Hart doing the same thing a time or two, so it's not unprecedented.


I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Chris can do in the ring, if you can believe it.

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Craig Johnson is about to go to some VT or commercial break when is interrupted by Percy Pringle. He tells him that they aren’t going anywhere, and all these idiots are going to listen to him for once! He says that they’ve just carried ‘horse-face’ Kerry out of the building and ‘he’s sorry!’ He wishes Fritz ‘Happy Father’s Day’ for tomorrow, but then wonders what kind of father he is? Letting his moron children keep coming down to the Sportatorium every week to get beaten up by Matt Borne. This Friday night it’s Kevin Von Erich vs Matt Borne and if ‘pony boy’ Chris Von Erich wants to have his first match, he can have it against him. He pulls out some tights he’s gone to the trouble of having made for him, but these tights would be more suitable for a baby the size of them. He tells Chris that those will be what he’s wearing when they carry him out of here, just like they carried his horse faced brother out. Fritz, Doris, all these people were his family but they turned against him, and now he’s going to damn well turn against them!


Percy is crazy here, almost psychotic, which is much more preferable to ‘whiny’ Percy. Easily the best we’ve seen from him in the Yearbook so far.

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