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[1990-06-23-USWA-Championship Sports] Interview: Bill Dundee & Tessa


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Another great promo from Dundee. Being able to work with different people and in different types of angles seems to have energized him, although his absence from home base in Memphis is one of the major things that's dragging business down there.


I guess Percy's still a babyface except against the Von Erichs. Or, as someone suggested in an earlier thread, is he back to being a babyface temporarily because Craig isn't there?


This feud needs a few promos from Tessa, even if they're short. As great a talker as Dundee is, I'd still like to hear her feelings on what's been going on lately.

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Bill Dundee and Tessa are out for an interview with Percy Pringle and Pringle has a package foer Tessa that was just handed to him by a man from Federal Express. Percy is like a child at Christmas wanting her to open it, but she says that its ‘personal’ and she’ll do it later. Dundee refers to Tatum as a ‘long drink of water’ and although he tells everyone that he’s changed, he hasn’t changed one bit and is still sick in the head. He says how Tessa is driving him mad, but if he’d treated her right in the first place she would still be with him. He’s got the Southern title back (not sure how) and says that with this around his waist it puts him further up the ladder and closer to the World title.

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