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[1990-06-29-NWA-Power Hour] Interview: Paul E. Dangerously


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Finally, WCW remembers that the U.S. Title exists. Won't be the last time this disappearing act happens. Paul E. rattles off past U.S. Champions like Johnny Valentine, Ric Flair, both Funks, and Jack Brisco, and promises that Mean Mark's name will be added to the list. You have to shake your head at Paul's "future of wrestling" talk for Callous knowing where he was soon to end up.

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Well, Paul talked up Taker as the future of wrestling here, and he was right. Taker just went a little further north on the map to do it.


Nice touch by Paul of reciting the names of the some of the former U.S. champions. We didn't get historical perspective for feuds or matches very often, even twenty-five years ago.


I had to laugh when I heard Paul talk about "donating" his time to Taker, just like the ECW boys would "donate" their time to Paul a few years down the road.

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Jim Ross says that it has to be the biggest match in the managerial career of Paul E. Dangerously on July 7th when Mean Mark faces Lex Luger for the United States title. Paul E. says he gave up his job on this show so he could donate all his time to the hottest commodity in pro wrestling today, ‘Mean’ Mark Callous. Every great professional wrestling in this sport has held the U.S. championship, from Johnny Valentine to Ric Flair to Dory Funk Jr. to Terry Funk to Jack Brisco and the list goes on. Everybody who has ever been anybody has been the U.S. champion and eight days from now Mean Mark is going to take that title from Lex Luger and stick it down his throat!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-06-29-NWA-Power Hour] Interview: Paul E. Dangerously

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