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[1990-07-04-USWA Texas] Kerry Von Erich, Percy Pringle & Devastation Inc.


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Here we go. This was scheduled to be Kerry/Borne in the final showdown, but Borne no-showed and left the territory, so they had to scramble to put together an angle. Pringle is out without Borne, and he says his plane was grounded in Nashville instead of Dallas, which he blames on Von Erich connections in the airline industry, I think.


Kerry says if Borne isn't here, he's going to come after Percy instead. Percy takes a few punches, but then ducks when Kerry goes for the discus punch in front of the ringpost and then starts working his arm. Holy shit, they're working a match! Not for long, as Kerry finally catches him with the punch before locking on the iron claw.


Devastation Inc. run in to attack Kerry until Jeff Jarrett and Billy Joe Travis make the save.

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This was a terrible farewell for Kerry in Texas. I know it couldn't be helped that Borne had already bailed and that Kerry only had three days left in the promotion, but even so, this was a disappointing way to go out. Kerry and his fans definitely deserved better than this.


Interesting that Devastation came out without Akbar. Of course, since Percy had no other proteges, I guess someone had to save him.


Nice display of ring savvy on Percy's part when he bangs Kerry's injured hand off the turnbuckle, but it ultimately does him no good whatsoever.


This wouldn't have been so bad if Kerry hadn't been leaving and could feud with Devastation, such as it was by then. As it was, this was just a waste of time.

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Kerry comes to the ring for the ‘final showdown’ with Matt Borne. Borne’s music plays but there is no sign of him as Percy Pringle is walking out on his own. As Pringle walks around ringside Craig Johnson asks where Mr Borne is, and Percy replies ‘why don’t you ask horse face where Mr Borne is?’ He says that just because he’s Fritz Von Erich’s son, he’s got all this money and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, that Kerry really thinks he’s something. He’s just been on the phone to Matt and he’s stranded in Nashville as his flight got grounded and he was pulled off the plane. Percy is convinced that Kerry is behind it and used his connections to make that happen. He tells horse face that he may be in Nashville now, but he’s coming to Dallas, and when he does he’s going to kick his pony boyo face all over the building. As Percy is about to leave Kerry says that Matt Borne’s scheduling problem is nothing to do with him. He signed for a wrestling match and if it can’t be him, it’ll be you. Percy tries to run away but Kerry grabs hold of him. He starts pummelling him until Percy ducks out the way of a discus punch and Kerry hits the ringpost instead. They enter the ring (with Percy falling over the ropes!) and Pringle starts attacking that hand. Kerry sells the hand for all over twenty seconds before another discus punch and then the Iron Claw. Gary Young, Sweet Daddy Falcone and the Dog of War run out to save Percy and they triple team Kerry until Jeff Jarrett and Billy Joe Travis make the save.


Having seen he had matches in the NAWA on the Yearbook, my guess when he never showed for the match was that Matt Borne had left and the other posts confirm it. I thought they did as well as they could here up until Kerry stopped selling the discus punch to the ringpost. I appreciate Pringle is just an overweight manager come announcer and he really shouldn’t be getting the better of the top face, but it was ridiculous having him stop selling it so quickly. Have go Kerry left handed instead? I’m sure he could handle Percy with one hand quite comfortably. Alternatively don’t bother with him hitting the ringpost at all. The finish was Devastation Inc. saving Pringle and jumping Kerry, which could easily be achieved just by Kerry beating up Percy until they come to his aid. Reading the posts it also transpires this was Kerry’s last appearance before he left for the WWF. On knowing that, he definitely deserved better than this.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-04-USWA Texas] Kerry Von Erich, Percy Pringle & Devastation Inc.

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