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[1990-08-03-NWA-Power Hour] Louisville Slugger: Ric Flair & Sid Vicious


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It's like I said in the thread for the Sting/Flair title change: they want to keep Flair as the major player he deserves to be and push some new blood for the World title situation at the same time, so Sting gets Sid while Flair and Luger, a proven money match, gets freshened up with Flair being the challenger for once. Not a bad idea if they'd stuck with it, but I notice that the Black Scorpion makes his first appearance at the end of the month. Nice work from Sid as well.


Set or no set, Corny pours his all into these segments. I love his closing line here: "Terrible crime problem we have in this country", delivered in that wonderfully smarmy, sarcastic voice. He's got the best talk show segment in the business right now, bar none.

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Ric Flair and Sid Vicious are Jim Cornette’s guests on the Louisville Slugger, and he says that fans have just seen the tape of what happened to Lex Luger so they can decide for themselves. A lot of tumours have been flying around saying the Horsemen attacked him, but there’s no eye witnesses, there’s no proof and Lex Luger isn’t talking. Everybody will therefore have to agree that the Horsemen obviously had nothing to do with this situation! Sid tells Sting that it must just be fate, when you mess with the Horsemen, something bad is going to happen to you. Like it happened to Lex Luger, it may happen to him! Flair says that everyone knows that if you play with fire you get burned, so somewhere along the line Lex Luger must’ve made someone ill. Luger is the U.S. champion, a big man in the business, and he and Sting side by side figure that they rule the wrestling world. Wrong! What happened to Luger could happen to Sting tomorrow, nobody’s fault, it just happens in life. It’s the world of hard knocks, the big boys survive and the little boys fall by the wayside. Cornette then says that it’s terrible the crime problem in this country these days!

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