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[1990-08-18-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Wrestling Wrap Up commercial


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They cover the "Southern tag team championship" three-match series, a title totally made up by the Frebirds that they started telling everyone they won in Tupelo, MS. The outfits Hayes and Garvin were wearing during this time are probably the ugliest things you'll ever see. Hayes was also wearing makeup, which was running completely down his face. How bizarre, to quote OMC.


We close out with a Confederate green screen promo from the Southern Boys vowing revenge.

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The Freebirds have been coming out with a trophy claiming to be the South's top tag team, and have put it on the line in a 3-match series against Steve & Tracey. Hayes and Garvin are wearing a ridiculous glittering suspender/tights get-up, like something World Class-era Garvin or Double J would wear, except they had the sense to take it off before the match started. Garvin (after not tagging in the whole match) levels Steve with a DDT behind the referee's back to allow the Freebirds to tie the series. Match 3 to come on the Main Event!


I wonder if that cover photo of El Gigante with Ted Turner was legit.

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Was Garvin hurt here? It's odd that he wouldn't tag in even once during a televised match.


I don't like the Southern Boys taking a step down like this. After their match with the Midnights at the Bash, they should have been chasing the US belts, not a trophy that they acknowledge doesn't mean a thing to them or anyone else.


I'm starting to think that Hayes and Garvin should have dropped the Freebird name. Their wardrobe and style of working is so different from anything associated with the "real" Freebirds that there's really no comparison. They're supposed to be redneck Southern buttkickers, not half-assed makeup-wearing glamrockers in spangled tights. And they're supposed to be a three-man team, not a two-man team. You're telling me they couldn't have recruited a third full-time Freebird? What about Tommy Rich, just to use one example?


The photo of Gigante and Turner looks legit enough to me. Didn't Turner Sports originally recruit Jorge Gonzales with the idea of signing him to an NBA deal with the Hawks, only to find out that his knees were shot?

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Jim Ross brings us the ‘Wrestling Wrap Up’ which focuses on the second match of the three match series between the Fabulous Freebirds and the Southern Boys for the Birds ‘Southern’ Tag Team championship. The final match is on Main Event tomorrow, but Ross has some highlights from the end of last week’s match where the Freebirds evened the series up.


The Southern Boys are double teaming Michael Hayes and the referee is trying to get Tracey Smothers out of there. Steve Armstrong with an O’Connor roll on Hayes, but Garvin is in with a DDT on Armstrong behind the referee’s back and Hayes then makes the cover to tie things up.


Comments from the Southern Boys follow and Tracey says how everyone has just seen how they got robbed, and states that it’s not going to happen again. Steve says how they’ve been bringing that trophy out for weeks, bragging about this and that, but the trophy means nothing to them, what does will be tomorrow on TBS.


Thanks for the explanation about the ‘Southern tag team’ championship, as I had no idea what was being referred to here. The Freebirds looked beyond ridiculous in the get up that they were wearing.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-08-18-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Wrestling Wrap Up commercial

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