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[1990-08-25-WWF-Superstars] Summerslam Report w/Gene Okerlund


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Warrior with another on-point promo by his standards. Warrior will go in, Rude won't come out. A little bullshit about not leaving any air for Rude to breathe, but what the hey--simple, direct shit. Where was this in March?


Also clips from the SummerSlam Showdown of Jim Neidhart getting jumped by all 3 of Demolition after trying to make off with Smash's tag title belt. Promos from Jake, Bad News, and Savage. A full rundown of the card, one with a LOT of dross in between the matches that got some darn good build. Like I said earlier, I found it unbelievably insulting that a Sherri vs. Sapphire singles match was taking up space on a PPV. Hard to get worked up about Duggan & Volkoff vs. the Orient Express, Tito vs. Warlord, or Brother Love & Sgt. Slaughter either.

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One last set of promos for the big card. Jake was the best of the bunch, as always. You believe him when he says that he's not scared of two hundred pounds of Harlem sewer rats, which is quite a feat. Warrior's a lot more on point than usual, as noted above, but he sounds weird speaking normally, especially since everything else in his delivery and manner still screams "Maniac!" Bad News threatens Bossman with the Ghetto Blaster, Savage and Sherri are delightfully insane, and the Demos, whose promos have gone downhill since their turn, are adequate and nothing more, not that they were promo aces beforehand.


I guess you weren't allowed to be injured in the WWF unless it happened in front of the cameras as part of an angle. Come on, Vince, do you honestly expect us to believe that even a "professional model" like Martel would bail on a pay-per-view bout to go to a freakin' fashion show, especially when he's known about SummerSlam for months and had signed to wrestle his former partner on the card? They didn't even use this to build heat on Martel for the future; in fact. I don't believe it was ever brought up again.


Bossman hadn't been officially added to Hogan's corner yet, I guess, as Gene mentions that he'll be "all alone" at SummerSlam.


Finally, the phaseout of Kerry Von Erich begins, as he's simply known as "The Texas Tornado" here. I guess it wouldn't have been fair for Kerry to have his name and Curt Hennig not to have his.

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