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[1990-08-26-NWA Main Event] Sid Vicious, Midnight Express, Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk


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We had two things that didn't make sense here: Sid's run-in and Missy Hyatt. I'm guessing that they wanted to portray Sid as an out-of-control monster who would go through anyone to get to Sting, but Sting's about to be so wrapped up in the Scorpion that it feels like a waste of an angle, since they aren't going to feud the Horsemen with either Pillman and Zenk or the MX. I wouldn't have minded seeing either Arn or Barry team with Sid against one of those two teams, though.


As for Missy, it's amazing how little she contributes to broadcasts as a color person. She was terrible when they tried her in the UWF, and she's just as awful here. Plus, her supposedly winsome smile makes her look like a clueless bubblehead when JR's trying to sell a supposedly serious situation. Once again, I ask: They depushed Nancy Sullivan to accommodate this?


The shame of it is, she'd have been a much better addition to the whole Lawler-Dundee/Gilbert-DWB mess in Memphis than either Tessa or Kim, because playing the vixen is the one thing she can do well. I know that Turner could pay her a lot more than Jerry Jarrett, so that's why she probably stayed with WCW, but at some point even she had to realize that whatever professional talent she had was being wasted.

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