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[1990-09-15-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Wrestling Wrap Up: Doom & Four Horsemen


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Gary Michael Cappetta as an interviewer?


Flair is doing an interview when Doom and Teddy Long interrupt him and tell him to get out of their locker room. Arn provides backup quickly and things get heated.


Teddy Long cuts a green screen promo on Flair and Arn. Flair is desperate and Arn is a follower.


The Horsemen say they are only tag team champions because Flair never thought about pursuing that title. They actually wanted to make Flair a tag wrestler. This segment is good and intriguing, but Flair is too big a star for that spot.

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Well-done locker room confrontation though this is a pretty contrived storyline, one step above "two guys meet in the aisleway" when it comes to generic feud set-ups.


Good promo from Theodore. Flair says that tag team wrestling has never been his forte, even though he's been a multi-time NWA World Tag Champion. This really feels like a demotion for Flair rather than an elevation for Doom.

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Flair talks about having a full agenda and then gets into it with Doom and Teddy Long. Arn backs up Ric but nothing physical happens. Teddy thinks Flair is a desperate man right now because he doesn’t have a belt. So Flair went from World title to challenging U.S. Title to now going after the Tag Belts.

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For those who say Flair was too big of a star to challenge for the tag team titles, what else would you have had him do? They wanted Hansen to challenge Luger; it's likely that the only reason Stan came over here was because he'd get a title reign of some kind to show off to the folks in Japan. Sting's busy with Sid and the Scorpion nonsense. If Flair and Arn had been challenging the Steiners for the U.S. belts, I could see the argument that it was a demotion, but not the World belts.


I like that Simmons and Reed aren't scared of Barry and Sid possibly providing backup. They probably knew that Sid has his own problems with Sting, and Windham had almost dropped out of sight (I think he may have been hurt). I'm surprised that they didn't mention Sid's previous history as one of the Skyscrapers (managed by Peanuthead, of course) at least in passing, though.

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Bob Caudle on the Wrap Up this week, and he says how an altercation took place recently as Gary Michael Cappetta was interviewing Ric Flair.


We get video of that interview, and Cappetta asks the ‘Nature Boy’ what his plans are for the future? He says how his agenda is full at the moment, when he is interrupted by Teddy Long (with Doom), who says that it is their locker room and why doesn’t he do the interview somewhere else? Flair tells him to get out of his face, but Butch Reed says that they’re not worried about the Four Horsemen as there is three of them and only one of him. Arn Anderson shows up and they all get into a heated argument as Cappetta says to go back to the broadcast.


Taped Teddy Long promo follows and he’s got a message for Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. Nobody is going to take the World tag titles from his ‘soul brothers’, and that especially means them. Ric Flair is a desperate man in need of a championship belt, while Arn Anderson is just a follower and not a leader. Arn and Flair respond, and Arn says that the only reason they are the tag team champions is because Ric Flair never thought about it, well he’s lived it, he’s thought about it, and he’s put the word in his head. They can be whatever they want because they’re the Four Horsemen. Flair says that tag team wrestling has never been his forte in the sport, but being the best has always been his forte. If you step on his toes he goes to ‘the Enforce’, and tells Doom to take their best shot!


Caudle closes by saying a match has definitely been signed for the World tag team title between the two teams.


I liked all of this. Again have to disagree with the comments about this being a demotion for Flair. Sid Vicious is challenging Sting for the World title, Stan Hansen is challenging for the United States title, what else could he do? Challenging for the tag team titles is perfect. Keeps him towards the top of the card, keeps him in ‘a’ title picture and we see him in an environment (tag team wrestling) we’ve not really seen him in for some time.

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