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[1990-09-15-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Black Scorpion promo / Interview: Sting


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I don't understand how anyone with any brains could possibly think that this was supposed to be Warrior when he was still all over Vince's TV and being advertised and promoted as champion for WWF house shows. This shows just how little respect Ole and Jim Herd had not only for the fans, but for Sting himself. The only way they thought he could be interesting as champion is if Ole deliberately misled the public into thinking that Warrior was going to jump ship. If that's the case, they should have just had Luger beat Flair back at WrestleWar and fired Sting, freeing him to go to Vince once his knee healed up. If that meant that Flair walked too, so be it.

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First up is the original Black Scorpion which Sting wanted to see and hasn’t been shown on the Yearbook yet.


The Scorpion wonders is Sting is listening? Of course he is as he’s too much of a hero and a champion to refuse to hear this tape! A long time has passed since he last saw him, but even if he saw his face in the light now he wouldn’t recognise him. Who would hate him enough to want to see him a broken, defeated man? He says California, 1986, and tells Sting to think about who he is. He’ll have a chance to find out on September 5th at the Clash of the Champions.


Back to Jim Ross and Sting, and Ross wonders if anything has struck a chord with Sting? He says that nothing has. He’s looked at the tape so many times and still can’t figure it out. It comes so close and then it disappears again. He thinks he’s trying too hard and is just under too much pressure from people asking who it is. It’s so close though!

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