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[1990-09-22-USWA-Memphis TV] Blindfold Battle Royal / Interview: Jerry Lawler


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  • 2 months later...

Clips of a battle royal from MSC where all the wrestlers were blindfolded. We join this with the match down to Lawler and Gilbert. Gilbert lifts his hood up when the referee isn't looking, sees that Lawler is in the ring and hits him with a foreign object before pinning him. He had the choice to choose between two mystery cars, as he'd be the winner of one. One was a brand new Toyota MR2, and he made a lousy choice and ends up with an old clunker! He throws a fit, hitting the car with a chair and jumping on it. Funny stuff.


Lawler plugs a public appearance where he'll have Eddie Gilbert's car at Airport Toyota from 1-3 this afternoon, and fans can spray paint exactly what they think of Eddie Gilbert on the car. Awesome!


He also talks about the upcoming one-night USWA title tournament, which we'll have very well-represented. He absolutely buries The Snowman for leaving while the champion. He was making public appearances in Memphis calling himself the champ during this time, while quitting the promotion without dropping the title.


He closes out by hyping a Coal Miner's Glove match with Gilbert.


This is more of a series of announcements than a wrestling interview, but Lawler can read a phone book and make it interesting.

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Really clever finish to a blindfold battle royal--Lawler ties up Frank Morrell, thinking it's Gilbert, and Gilbert peeks out from under the hood and uses that to cold-cock Lawler with a foreign object to take the pin and get his choice of mystery cars. His pick is a lemon, and he takes his frustrations out on the car including a pretty epic running chair throw.


Gilbert leaves the junk car behind, and Lawler is making an Airport Toyota appearance with the car and some spraypaint, inviting fans out to spraypaint their thoughts on Eddie Gilbert on the car. That's fantastic.


The incognito Unified World Title is finally mentioned again, as the tournament for the vacant belt is coalescing. They're really going all out with the participants here--Dick Slater, Mark Callous, Steve Keirn, Austin Idol, and others. Lawler takes some parting shots at the Snowman but invites him to be involved in the tournament anyway. Then he announces a spot show at Catholic High School where he'll meet Gilbert in a coal miner's glove match.


As I was typing this up I was going to make that EXACT phone book analogy, dammit. That's exactly how it comes across and yet I'm still hanging onto every word.

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Blindfold battle royal seemed stupid and not a great way to progress the lawler vs. Gilbert feud. Ending also looked stupid as I have no idea what the Ref was doing and why he couldn't see Gilbert lift his hood for 30 seconds.


Car gimmick was clever especially playing into the promotion with Airport Toyota.


Lawler doing these announcements sound like the best church announcements you have ever heard delivered.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Blindfold battle royal. Part of me would have loved to seen that one in full. Gilbert cheats by lifting his hold up so he can find his foreign object in his tights. Could just feel around that. Gilbert wins a car but he doesn’t get the car he wants and throws a tantrum.


Lawler wants fans to join him at the Airport Toyota to spray paint Gilbert’s car. Lawler tells us about a tournament to determine the World Champion. Guys like Funk, Mean Mark Callous, Dick Slater have entered. Lawler buries Snowman big time.

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Blindfold Battle Royals are usually quite awful. I cant judge this particular one here because we only see like a minute of it.


Lawler delivers some serious phony baloney "aw shucks" bullshit about the Snowman. God, just tear into him, King. We know you want to.

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  • 1 year later...

This was a housekeeping segment, but a fun one. I love how Lawler pretty much encourages his followers to commit vandalism on poor Eddie Gilbert's brand new hunk of junk. I guess if Airport Toyota's willing to eat the loss in exchange for free publicity, who are we to complain? Nice chair throw by Eddie, incidentally.


As for the tournament, what purpose would further burying Snowman serve? If he really did stop showing up on cards, he's already proven that he's undependable, lazy, and lacking confidence in his own ability to be a solid professional wrestler. Lawler was better off doing what he did: hyping the tournament and talking up the big names that were coming in to try for the title. I've read ahead a bit, and I'm glad we'll see quite a few of the tournament matches on upcoming discs. (By the way, I'm betting that Snowman didn't show up, if he was even officially invited in the first place.)


A coal miner's glove match headlining a card at a high school gym? Gee, Memphis really is different, isn't it?

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  • 1 year later...

Dave Brown explains that is was mystery night at Mid-South Coliseum last Monday night, where there was a seventeen man blindfold Battle Royale, and the winner of the match got to ‘unmask’ one of two cars. One was a brand new Toyota MR2, the other was not, and whichever the winner ‘unmasked’ he got to keep.


End of the blindfold Battle Royale airs and it is down to Jerry Lawler and Eddie Gilbert. Lawler accidentally grabs referee Frank Morrell and Gilbert pulls up the mask to see what the situation is. He sees it’s just ‘The King’ and himself left and reaches into his tights and pulls out a chain. He wraps it around his fist, sneaks around the ring, slugs Lawler and makes the pin to win the Battle Royale. Gilbert then starts celebrating like he’s won the World title! The two cars are hidden behind different doors at the Coliseum, Gilbert makes his choice and ‘Hot Stuff’ ends up with the old junk car. He’s not happy at all, picks up a chair and throws it at the car and then starts jumping up and down on it!


Back in the studio and Dave is joined by Jerry Lawler, and ‘The King’ can’t understand why Eddie Gilbert was so upset with that car as it was better than the one he arrived at the Coliseum in! He runs down some upcoming appearances and mentions that Eddie Gilbert left his car at the Coliseum on Monday night. The people from Airport Toyota picked that car up, and today from between 13:00 and 15:00 he’s going to be at Airport Toyota giving away tickets and signing autographs, and wants the people to come down and write on Eddie’s car what they exactly think of him. There are a couple of other things he wants to talk about and the first of these is the big tournament on October 8th. They are still adding names, but some of the guys in the tournament include Austin Idol, Jimmy Valiant, Terry Funk, Mark Callous, Dick Slater and Steve Keirn, and whomever comes out of this on top will have deserved that Unified title. He’s loathed to mention his name, but the only unfortunate thing is The Snowman. A man who threw away a heck of an opportunity, a man who had nothing going for himself and whom the promotion gave a chance to wrestle, and a man who with the help of Leon Spinks gained the Unified title. He’s been stripped of the belt but goes around making commercials claiming to be the ‘World champion’, even though he’s not recognized by anyone or any magazines. Lawler personally invites him to be a part of the tournament, but imagines it will just be like everything else and he won’t show up. He rounds things off by promoting a Coal Miner’s Glove match against Eddie Gilbert for Thursday night at the Catholic School Gym.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-09-22-USWA-Memphis TV] Blindfold Battle Royal / Interview: Jerry Lawler

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