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[1990-09-29-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Sting and Black Scorpion


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Another promo from the Black Scorpion. Sting responds in front of the live crowd. I liked that most of Sting's interviews were done in front of a crowd, because he fed off of that and it played to his strengths. The Black Scorpion appears in the crowd and Sting goes to look for him, but the segment ends. It's a shame this was the first program he had as champion.

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What was the point of showing Sting running after the Scorpion, then cutting away and not mentioning it again? Now we know that the reason they seem to be doling this out in dribs and drabs is that they have no idea what's going on from week to week concerning this whole mess. Back then, I'm sure people were just scratching their heads.


I can't believe that it hasn't at least been proposed in passing that this is all a Horseman mind game. Maybe they thought that talking that way would lead the more clever fans to realize that it was Ole doing the voice of the Scorpion. which would mean either exposing the whole thing as a trick or putting Ole into World title contention, which he was far from being able to handle at this point. Or maybe they thought Warrior would call them just for the hell of it. Who knows?


By the way, this segment actually aired on 9/22, not 9/29.

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Latest taped promo from the Black Scorpion. He sees that Sting is losing control. He’s always been ‘the master’ of his own destiny, but at the Clash he saw his face and it wasn’t one of control. Everybody could see that Sting was losing confidence and maybe even losing his mind. At Halloween Havoc Sting will wrestle Sid Vicious, but before then, he has to meet him again. If he beats him he’ll tell Sting who he is, but whilst Sid wants his belt, he won’t be satisfied until he gets his life!


Jim Ross brings out Sting and he thinks the Black Scorpion must be getting inside his head as he tries to figure out who he is. Sting says that this is starting to get to him mentally as you don’t know how to prepare for someone like this, but someday soon he is going to find out who the Black Scorpion is. It’s so close when he hears him talk, when he sees his face and the silhouette, it’s on the tip of his tongue. There is a bit of a commotion in the crowd and the camera cuts to the Scorpion out there amongst the audience. Sting says that now is the time to find out who he is, and he goes charging off after him.


The Scorpion has already said Sting wouldn’t recognise him if he saw his face, so why is Sting talking about being able to recognise who it is from the silhouette? The whole production of the Black Scorpion, from the promos, to the voice, to the outfit, looks cheap. Why did this just end when Sting went chasing after the Scorpion? Have the cameras follow him and then the Scorpion could have disappeared by the Sting arrives at where he was. There is a lot of repeated material in these promos and the Scorpion could at least give Sting another clue on his identity. These segments need to start going somewhere.

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