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[1990-09-28-NWA-Power Hour] Louisville Slugger: Theodore R. Long


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They re-show the Gary Cappetta interview with Flair that was interrupted by Doom and Teddy Long. We also get a clip of a Danger Zone with Flair and Arn that was quickly interrupted by Doom. Long gets mouthy and Flair shoves him. Things quickly get chaotic.


This all leads to Teddy Long as the guest. When you hold the gold, everybody wants it. The match is made for Havoc.

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Two interruptions of Flair interviews are shown, the locker room incident earlier and a segment of the Danger Zone which results in a pull-apart.


Long compares this situation to calling a timeout so you can slap your mother--I had the same reaction that line that Cornette does. Long admits without saying so that Doom might have bitten off more than they can chew, but plan to end Arn & Flair at Halloween Havoc anyway. Solid to-the-point promo. I didn't like the contrived set-up for this match but the idea of the feud is definitely an intriguing one.

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I like that Teddy paid the Horsemen their due respect, but still maintained that Simmons and Reed are better and would prove it at Havoc. Too many babyfaces bowed at the Horseman altar during feuds with them, and at times sounded awed to be in the same ring as one of them, so I'm glad Doom's taking a different approach.


I'm not sure that Corny was expecting the "call a timeout so you can slap your mother" line. Oh well, I'm sure it sounded good to Teddy when he thought of it.


Interesting that Corny still got a small dig in at Heyman when introducing the Danger Zone clip. That kind of attention to detail's getting very rare in WCW, unfortunately.


Speaking of Paul, he sure bailed in a hurry when it looked like Doom and the Horsemen were going to get physical, didn't he?

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On the Slugger today Cornette wants to take a look at the situation that’s evolved in the tag team division between Doom and Ric Flair and Arn Anderson of the Four Horsemen, and he’s a couple of videos he wants to play before bringing out Teddy Long. The first is the original confrontation that took place in the dressing room when Flair was being interviewed by Gary Michael Cappetta, the second is an altercation that took place on the Danger Zone with Paul E. Dangerously. On the Danger Zone, Anderson and Flair are being interviewed in the ring when they are joined by Doom and Teddy Long. Teddy says how he’s had enough of them running their mouths about what they’re going to do to Doom, to which Flair responds that ‘surely he’s not talking to him little man!’ and shoves Long in the chest. A bunch of referees were out not long after Doom and they get between the teams as they square up to one another.


Back on the Slugger and Cornette introduces the ‘Godfather of the NWA’, Teddy Long, and announces that a match has been signed between Doom and the Four Horsemen for Halloween Havoc. Teddy says how when you’ve got the gold everyone wants it. He’s going to have to prove something to Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, and the ‘Soul Brothers’ Doom will walk out victorious. At Halloween Havoc on October 27th in Chicago, IL the whole world is going to see how good the ‘Soul Brothers’ really are. They’re going to see why Doom hold the World tag team championship, why Doom are the meanest, toughest team in professional wrestling, and they’re going to see why Doom beat the Rock & Roll Express, the Steiner brothers and all the other teams in the NWA. It’s coming to a head, and for Ric Flair and Arn Anderson it’s all over!

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