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Hawk cuts possibly the greatest Oktoberfest-themed promo possible. Pun-filled in that SNME fashion but still pure Hawk. I'm not sure anyone was quite aware of the implications of three ostensible babyfaces chanting BLITZKRIEG.


Annoying Germany references on commentary aside this served its purpose. Nothing close to a great match but legitimately heated and gives anyone who really wanted to see LOD vs. Demolition what they wanted.

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This one felt like one of those random six-mans Vince used to put on Superstars and Challenge. The Demos got some token offense, but this was really a Warrior/LOD squash. It's kind of surprising that Warrior got the pin, since he was really just the third man on the LOD side and not really acting as his own man, but when you're the champion and wrestling on network TV, I guess you get to pin whomever you like.


Could we have had any more terrible German puns? Seriously, Vince, if you want to do comedy, hire professional comedy writers and get your boys some basic acting classes. Hawk was the only one who sounded even somewhat comfortable with all the Germany jokes, and one out of six is terrible. The "BLITZKRIEG!" chants were in bad taste too, but what else is new in the WWF?


Nice to see Dustin before the big angle with his dad and DiBiase later in the show.


I liked Piper turning the tables on Vince for the preshow by asking him where his hat was and telling him to put it on, then telling Vince that he was giving his own hat to Okerlund. Of course, Vince ignored him completely. I wonder if the hat we saw Mean Gene wearing in the comedy sequences really was supposed to be Piper's? Rod wasn't wearing a hat when he interviewed Savage and Sherri toward the end of the show.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-10-13-WWF-Saturday Night's Main Event] Legion of Doom & Ultimate Warrior vs Demolition & Crush

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