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[1990-11-22-WWF-Survivor Series] Interview: Randy Savage


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Randy Savage looks like the world's coolest candy striper. He calls Gene a turkey and promises to regain the WWF title. The rationale of Warrior not giving Savage a title shot was a part of this feud that never made sense to me. Not sure why they did this interview on a pay-per-view unless it was just to get Savage on the show.

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In addition to that I'm not sure where you put him. He could obviously have replaced Perfect, but then you have to protect him from jobbing to the Warrior and then you have to get Perfect onto the Natural Disasters and then move Kerry to the Hulkamaniacs, and, and, and...


Okerlund prods Savage about hiding behind Sherri. UNBELIEVABLY WRONG YOU ARE.

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First of all, where was Sherri? Maybe since Randy wasn't actually wrestling, Vince didn't want to have to pay her just for an interview segment. How cheap van you get if that's the case? They're supposed to be a duet.


At any rate, other than being carried in on a throne (which was a nice touch), there wasn't much royalty about this interview. I've always gotten the feeling that Randy didn't really put his heart into being king, unlike Race and Haku, he already had an established character, and the whole king routine sort of crimped his style a bit. He made allowances for it from time to time, but he never let you forget that you were watching the Macho Man, no matter what Vince chose to call him. Sherri, on the other hand, was a better queen than any of the kings were a king, if you know what I mean. She topped Heenan as the "royal mouthpiece" by a comfortable margin, and that's not easy to do.


I enjoy Mean Gene's chemistry with Randy; the two of them just seem to fit together, and Gene knows how to get the best out of the character more than any other interviewer, including guys like Brother Love.


This may be one for the "WWF/E Linguistic Quirks" thread: When they refer to the incident where Sherri slapped Warrior, no matter who talks about it, they almost always say she slapped him "not once, not twice, but three times". I have no idea why Vince wanted it drawn out like that, but it's one of those things where he's almost literally speaking through others, and it's kind of creepy. Same thing with "hiding behind Sherri's skirts", though that doesn't come up as often.


Savage wasn't hurt, at least hurt enough to miss time; he wrestled the night before Survivor Series in Providence, beating Warrior by countout. Apparently there just wasn't a place for him on the card, hard as it is to believe.

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