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[1990-11-22-WWF-Survivor Series] The Gobbledygooker


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I'd take this segment over the Scorpion garbage seven days a week and twice on Thanksgiving. The Gooker was never meant to be more than a mascot for the WWF, probably to be used the most around Survivor Series time. The Scorpion was actually supposed to be the top contender for Sting's World title and actively crippled his reign, if not outright killed it. I think what "saves" the Scorpion stuff from being pilloried more is that Flair put the body suit on at Starrcade, then took the title back soon after to restore what most fans saw as the natural order of things in WCW. The Gooker, if anything, was shelved too soon; it might have caught on if given more than one chance under the right circumstances.


I enjoyed Mean Gene trying to copy the Gooker's agility. He failed miserably, of course, but as Loss said above, he was a total pro through the whole thing. So were Gino and Piper, although Piper still took a few gentle shots here and there. I liked how he said that he could take it home and add it to his family without anyone knowing the difference. I also liked the line "This is one turkey who SURVIVED!", which was apropos for the occasion.


I think most of the fans expected a wrestler, perhaps even DiBiase's mystery partner, to hatch out of the egg, which might be one reason they booed at the start. Thank heaven Vince picked an athletic guy like Hector Guerrero to play the Gooker, as I think it was his tumbling and rope-running which saved the segment. By the way, did Taker's match happen before or after this? I want to say after, but I'm not sure.


Was this segment weird? Definitely. Wrestlecrap? Possibly. Wrestlecrappiest (to coin a word) segment of all time? Not by a longshot. That award should be renamed the Magic Leopard Award Immediately.

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