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[1990-12-09-AJW] Bull Nakano vs Kyoko Inoue


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I was so confused expecting Bull and seeing LCO strut down the aisle. Really quick clip with Toyota getting the win. Actin that was shown looked good.


Bull vs. kyoko really should be in full because I liked what we saw. This is a matchup that seems to work well as evidenced by their 1994 match.

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This seemed to me to be In full, unless you count losing the ring entrances as being clipped. All the action seemed to be there. This was an extended Bull squash, and she was so far in control that she refused to use the nunchuks that were thrown to her.


What was the story behind Bull and Kyoko's embrace after the bout? Was Kyoko one of Bull's posse? If so, why did they fight? Was there dissension? If there was, it was certainly ended by Bull's rather convincing (to say the least) victory.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-12-09-AJW] Bull Nakano vs Kyoko Inoue

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