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[1990-12-16-NWA-Starrcade '90] Interview: Four Horsemen


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I honestly forgot to watch the segment where Flair was kidnapped, so I can only comment on Barry and Arn. I kind of liked the new T-shirts and ball caps; honestly, what else do you expect them to wear into a street fight, suits and ties?


After seeing how Turner neutered the Luger/Hansen match by taking the bell off the bullrope, I'm surprised they're letting this one go as a street fight. Now that Flair's not wrestling, though, I kind of wish they'd have changed this to a straight match (since Windham's only just getting involved in the issue, Horseman or not) and let Luger and Stan have the cowbells.


Does anyone in that outfit know how to mix sound? They had the sound of the Flair segment going while Barry was talking, which made it impossible to hear either one clearly. In-ring wise, WCW may be the number two promotion in North America; TV-wise, even Hoo-Hoo Herb Abrams is ahead of them, which shows you just how deeply in last place they are.

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