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[1991-05-18-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Ted DiBiase & Sensational Sherri


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As great as Sherri can be on the mic, we don't get much of that here, which kind of makes her expensive eye candy. Teddy more than makes up for it with a strong promo on Virgil and Piper.


I wish the announcers wouldn't talk over the promos. Not only is it counterproductive and disrespectful, but you can't hear either them or the guy being interviewed when they do it; it's all just a great big mishmash of sound. Surely Vince and his production people know better than this.


A bit of a surprise that we get a standard Mean Gene interview rather than an edition of The Funeral Parlor. As I look over the '91 Superstars results, I notice that they seem to go back and forth between Okerlund interviews and Parlor segments; with rare exceptions, if something big happens to a face that doesn't physically involve Taker, it's Mean Gene doing the interview (Quake attacking Andre, Liz accepting Savage's marriage proposal). The one exception was later in the year when Piper confronted Heenan just before Flair's arrival, and I'm guessing that was because Gene would have had to "remind Piper of his contract", whereas Percy wouldn't bother, thus allowing the segment to proceed more quickly. We'll see how right I am in the months ahead.


An observation: It's easy to remind your fellow broadcasters to "keep their temper" when they're doing the commentary next to you in a studio in Stamford. I know Vince, Piper, and Savage are trying to maintain the illusion that they're in the arena, but once you know they aren't it makes touches like the one I just mentioned laughably absurd.

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