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[1991-06-01-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Roddy Piper & Virgilina


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Worse than Peggy Sue, whom Vince actually expected fans to believe was a real person and not Sherri Martel in a fifties outtit straight out of a grade school production of Grease? You're kidding, right?


This is the WWF. All feuds, even the most serious ones, have to have some wackiness in them to distract the kids and make them laugh, period. If Mike Jones in a dress and blonde wig and a few Piper chromosome jokes are the worst we get, we should consider ourselves lucky. Everybody knew exactly who Virgilina was supposed to be and why she was there, and they never even tried to hide it. Hokey? Yes, of course, it was supposed to be. Enough to kill a feud? Not even close.

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