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[1991-07-06-USWA-Memphis TV] Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs Samu & Judge Dredd (Cage)


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Was this from a spot show or were they still not at the MSC at this time? Jarrett gives a diving elbow in the corner during this match that looked really good. The action in this looked good overall but it sort of feels like overkill with the cage stip with what is going on between Embry and Lawler.

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This looked great from what we saw, as Jeff and the Stud took care of two of Embry's lesser henchmen in a heated brawl. The notable thing about the match (other than the brutal chair shots from the top rope Jeff delivered to Sabu) was that the announcer kept going back and forth between "Samu" and "Sabu" when referring to the future ECW star, as if he either couldn't make up his mind what the guy's name was or had been told specifically not to refer to him as Sabu for some reason. I don't know why Papa would do something like that, unless he was afraid of negative backlash for promoting a Middle Eastern-sounding gimmick when the Gulf War was still so fresh in everyone's minds.


Who was Judge Dredd? Did he become someone famous?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-07-06-USWA-Memphis TV] Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs Samu & Judge Dredd (Cage)

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