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[1991-08-23-CMLL] Atlantis & Mascara Sagrada & Octagon vs Pirata Morgan & Pierroth & Kendo Nagasaki


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Quite the build-up for Nagasaki, wearing the kabuki gear and getting accompanied by a geisha girl and two young boys/attendants/students/whatever doing a mock kendo battle. The match is a total blast befitting its over-the-top ring intros, as the rudos jump the tecnicos to start and things keep building from that. Just about everyone tries to top everyone else in terms of taking wicked shots into the ringpost, and even Nagasaki is good at getting in, getting his stuff in, and getting out. Morgan gets a clean victory after Sagrada misses a moonsault and things break down during a post-match interview. Pierroth is such a compelling talker, even when you don't grasp what exactly he's saying. I feel like with more listens I could justify ranking him on the Best Interviews list when the yearbook is over.

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I thought for a second that Nagasaki was Kubuki with the lavish entrance. This was very fun to watch especially after the last traditional match. The meshing of styles here worked and again the match flowed into a nice progession. Octagon in particular looked more inspired than he usually does. Post match promo and brawl made for a chaotic scene. Great show overall.

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This one has a feel of chaos from the start that you don't get very often in lucha, and it stays that way from start to finish, which is nice to see. The camera can't keep up with it all, which only adds to the atmosphere. In the end, the rudos get the clean win, which ticks the technicos off and leads to a wild postmatch brawl that still hasn't been broken up completely as we fade to black. Pete brought up the bumps into the post, and everyone takes at least one good one here. At the end, you definitely get the feeling that there will be more confrontations between these gentlemen at a later date. I wish we had them here on the Yearbook, if they exist.


Maybe this wasn't the best worked trios match in the world, but it's certainly one of the most memorable.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-23-CMLL] Atlantis & Mascara Sagrada & Octagon vs Pirata Morgan & Pierroth & Kendo Nagasaki

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