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[1991-09-01-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Closing comments


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I notice how precise they're being language-wise in calling Hogan the WWF champion. They aren't getting into a debate over whose claim to a world title is more legit, which is what you need to really make an angle like this hot. As it is, the NWA belt remains less prestigious than the Million Dollar Belt. Not only that, but Gino once again references Heenan's fingers turning green from holding it. No wonder WCW sued; not only did Flair take the belt with him, but now he's actively taking part in a storyline which implies that it's a cheap piece of crap, physically as well as symbolically. Even given how forgiving wrestling promotions generally are of those who can make them big money, I'm surprised they welcomed Flair back with open arms at CNN Center after seeing stuff like this. I'm fairly sure Vince wouldn't have, at least not without humiliating him first.


It'll be interesting to see how Flair's able to make anything good out of this once he actually debuts. Quite frankly, I'm not at all sure that he can.

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