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[1991-09-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs PYTs


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Sadly this is not Norvell Austin & Koko Ware, but rather two fat Valiant Brother clones who go unnamed. They're managed by Christopher Honey Love while Jarrett & Fuller are now under the tutelage of classic babyface manager Ronnie P. Gossett. Yeah. Fuller gets taken out with some liquid to the eyes before the match, so Jarrett goes it alone most of the way. Soon after Fuller recovers and gets tagged in, Love dives in for the DQ. Gossett, as sympathetic a figure as always, gets a beatdown afterward.


Prowrestlinghistory and some further Googling says the PYTs are "Erotic" Eric Fontaine (great name) and Randy Rhodes. No, not the guy in the Original Midnight Express, the GWF Dusty knock-off. Presumably he was the fatter one.

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I came into this missing Memphis, and after seeing this I still miss Memphis. Jeff and Fuller are over enough so that their opponents don't matter, which is good because they don't do much to stand out except look like crosses between Dusty Rhodes and Playboy Buddy Rose. Love looks like he raided both Paul Bearer's closet and his makeup kit, and Gossett simply shows up as a face out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure the use of the name "Pretty Young Things" was supposed to be an inside joke for longtime fans, by the way.


At any rate, the stupid heels blow their chance at the belts when Love decides to beat on Jeff for no reason, and we're left to talk about the main event, with several minutes gone out of our lives that we won't get back. And so it goes.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-14-USWA-Memphis TV] Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs PYTs

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