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[1991-10-12-WWF-Superstars] Sgt Slaughter vignette


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Another reason why this is all wrong: Sarge is demanding his country back, but he hasn't pledged to do anything to earn it back. There's no real change in him, not a bit of humility or contrition; he even says that he doesn't expect to be forgiven. Well, then why bother with all of this? It's almost business-exposing if you think about it, like Vince is saying, "Please cheer this man. He's already lost to Hogan, and I have no good guys for him to fight that will make me any money."


This turn would have been a whole lot more effective if it had taken place as the result of an altercation between Sarge and Adnan/Sheik; that's Booking 101. Why Vince thought these little thirty-second vignettes would be enough to make the fans forget all the months that Sarge trashed this country and supported its opponent in an actual shooting war, I doubt even he knows for sure.

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