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[1991-11-17-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] Interview: Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth


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Not one of Elizabeth's better dresses. Macho has a really good reinstate slogan. He wants to be in the corner of Bossman and LOD at Survivor Series. Well the opposing team was suppose to be Roberts, IRS and Natuaral Disasters so I'm wondering who was scheduled to be the fourth wrestlers on Bossman's team. He gets a good reinstate chant from the live crowd.

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Sid tore a bicep which knocked him out of the Survivor Series and the Jake feud. It's November, so Savage and the WWF have election puns on their mind. Savage wants to take on Jake and the "rest of his rat pack snake pit" which is a spectacularly mixed metaphor that still makes sense.

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Not much we haven't heard before from Savage, but again Vince was practically promising that he would return to oppose Jake at Survivor Series. I stand by what I said earlier about it working out for the best that their issue stayed one-on-one, but if Vince wanted it to stay that way he shouldn't have had Randy mention Survivor Series at all.


Liz was a lot better here than she would be a week later on Superstars. I especially liked that she acknowledged that Randy had done people a few bad turns in his day, but right or wrong, she was behind him. We already knew that, of course, but to hear her state it confidently was something that this angle needed. I just realized that her Superstars appearance came right before Randy was attacked by the cobra, so in that case I can certainly understand why her mind wasn't exactly on business.


Gino and Bobby still have the old chemistry when Gino doesn't have to worry about calling matches or putting over people he doesn't like. He's in favor of Randy and Liz, so he's in a good mood and decides to play straight man. My favorite exchange, though, was one where Gino himself got the last laugh:


Gino: "Isn't (Liz) lovely?"


Bobby: "Compared to what?"


Gino: "Anything I've seen you with!"

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