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[1997-10-06-WCW-Nitro] Randy Savage and DDP


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Savage attacks DDP just as he's about to finish off Disco Inferno. He's about to piledrive DDP on concrete but Piper makes the save. Savage is distracted and DDP gives him a Diamond Cutter on the concrete. Hogan and the NWO come out to scream for an ambulance. Savage is stretchered out. Crowd loves this. Hot segment.

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This crowd is awesome. Really fun Memphis feeling angle where the faces get one up on a heel, seriously injure him, and everyone celebrates. The NWO principles including Hogan and Bischoff do a great job getting this over with their panicked look and yelling at the paramedics. Even Elizabeth's acting is spot on in this segment. I loved this a lot.

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Schiavone's mocking of Elizabeth crying was truly LOLworthy. Fucking rekt. Bringing back the DDP-Savage feud feels like a bit of a retrogression but this is a well-done segment on all levels, sold great by the NWO. The Minneapolis crowd regales Savage with the na na hey hey goodbye song in a terrific moment.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-10-06-WCW-Nitro] Randy Savage and DDP

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