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[1997-10-13-WWF-Raw] Owen Hart vs Kama Mustafa


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DX are out as soon as the match starts. They take the headsets from the announcers and call the match. Shawn and Hunter have too much fun burying Bret. Lawler tries sucking up to them on commentary and Shawn and HHH would rather insult him and eat bananas. What assholes! Shawn tells Lawler he used to work for him back when he called the shots, but Shawn calls the shots in the WWF. Shawn makes the famous comment about Stu being dead but his body not knowing it, which royally pissed Bret off for real. They end up stirring up trouble between the Nation and the Harts, and Shawn sits there casually and eats a banana. When the Nation gets the better of the brawl, Shawn ends up smearing a banana all over Bret. Insane! I want to crawl through my TV screen and strangle this guy! Shawn is the most obnoxious heel in WWF history and wow is he getting a reaction out of people around this time.

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Good lord. It never ends. DX come out just as Owen & Kama begins. They take over the announce booth & eat bananas as they mock the Hart Foundation & Vince. Lawler tries to suck up to them, but is kicked off of commentary & whacked in the back of the head by Chyna. Rude joins them on commentary. Shawn & Hunter get on the announce table & crotch chop at Bret & the Anvil at ringside. This brings Bret over to them, but I guess The Nation felt threatened & start brawling with the Hart Foundation as the match is thrown out. DX are annoying as hell here instigating the brawl even more & at one point Shawn even puts on one of The Nation members hats. Why the fuck didn't either The Nation or the Hart Foundation start attacking DX? That made no sense. DX sucks.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-10-13-WWF-Raw] Owen Hart vs Kama Mustafa

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