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[1997-11-22-ECW-TV] The Sandman returns


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Continuation of last week's angle. When the lights came back on, The Sandman returned. But like an idiot, he turned his back to chug beer and was immediately attacked by Sabu. He makes a comeback quickly and I can't say "The Sandman makes himself look like an idiot" without laughing, so I won't. He ends up somersaulting himself from the top of the ladder through the table on to Sabu. Not a fan of this segment as all, as there were all these huge stunt spots and none of them meant a thing.

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The cannonball through the table was pretty cool, I admit. That it was a lummox like Sandman doing it instead of a natural high-flyer just added to the element of danger. The rest of the segment was pretty whatever to build to what is IIRC a WMOTYC at November 2 Remember.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-11-22-ECW-TV] The Sandman returns

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