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RIP Mae Young


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There was always a lot of criticism of her angles in modern WWE by smarks but I always respected her immensely. RIP



Johnnie Mae Young, one of the last survivors of the Billy Wolfe era of women's pro wrestling, passed away this morning at her home in Columbia, SC, it was reported by Mike Mooneyham of the Charleston Post-Courier.


Young, who actually gained her greatest fame more than a decade ago from a series of comedy angles in WWE, was 90. She had always stated that her goal was to wrestle Stephanie McMahon in a match on her 100th birthday.


Young had claimed to have been perhaps the only person who competed in something resembling a pro wrestling match in nine decades, from the 30s to the 10s, although historians have not found records of her doing a pro wreslting match until 1941 (she claimed to have started in 1939).


She had a reputation for being one of the toughest women wrestlers ever, and easily the most durable, still taking hard bumps into her 70s.


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The reports of her death are premature apparently, but imminent.


I'm checking out Lipstick and Dynamite again. In the last 5-6 years we've lost practically everyone featured in that documentary. Moolah, Ella Waldek, Ida May Martinez, Penny Banner, Killem Gillem, and now Young. Pretty much the end of an era.

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It appears she's gone for real this time according to the WWE website. Pretty cool she made a babyface comeback against DEATH of all things. Didn't take her quietly in the night.

Death wasn't working stiff enough so she beat the hell out of him first.
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