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[2005-08-13-ROH-Punk: The Final Chapter] Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs Homicide & Low Ki


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Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs. Low Ki & Homicide

The match itself - very good tag wrestling. Cutting the ring in half, Lethal playing the face-in-peril, Joe being antagonized and getting fed up with the Rottweilers, pinfalls only counted on the legal men. I loved the finish too, another cheap DQ loss for the Rottweilers to keep Lethal from pinning Ki.
What really mattered is the post-match brawl between the teams. They fucking laid into each other HARD to sell how much they hated each other. When combining this brawl, I've no problem going with the general consensus and saying this was easily match of the night. This brawl was so insane, so brutal, so jaw-dropping, and ended so perfectly, Ki standing in the ring with blood dripping down his face, and the crowd chanting his name. Excellent shit here.
Rating: ****
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