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[2006-10-08-WWE-No Mercy] Chris Benoit vs William Regal


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Brutal stuff. The matwork is some how both gritty yet athletic and flashy. I wish these guys had more chances to face each other. Both guys show little regard to their safety, eating some nasty headbutts, so this can be hard to watch considering what happened to Benoit less than a year later, but when it comes to random last minute undercard matches, it doesn't get better than this.

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This only goes 12 minutes but it's 12 minute of truely excellent wrestling.Even basic moves like a pinfall or headlock look great and intense when these guys are doing it. I really loved the little neck crank Regal busted out. You know it's awesome when JBL on commentary gives a shit. Besides all the gritty, super intense mat stuff you also have the greco headbutts and Benoit chopping a bloodied Regal in the face. These two did some really innovative stuff together when you think about it, crossing the technical finesse of the british style with the deadly stiffness and suplexes of an AJPW classic.

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Chris Benoit vs William Regal - WWE No Mercy 2006


If it was anyone else, I would say this was a borderline disturbing match, but given what Benoit due in less than a year it crossed the line for me. This was very violent and JBL was having a damn orgasm over it. I love stiffness, but just seemed excessive at times.


This match is a combination of the two previous Velocity matches. Benoit is back after a six month sabbatical and this is his return match. They are amazing at chain wrestling. Regal into the body scissors was a fun spot. Benoit lights up Regal with some wicked chops and those cracks wake up the crowd. That first fucking headbutt. Oh my fucking God! Benoit really rammed his head. Regal is busted wide open. Benoit's mouth is bleeding. Holy shit! Diving headbutt on the cut. Goddamnit! They move way too quickly into false German spot to set up apron DDT. It is weird that spot comes from the second Velocity match and the headbutts come from the first Velocity match. I think DDT on apron is a great transition, but they moved too quickly. This match also lacked that great Benoit selling of the first Velocity match. Regal was not nearly as good as in the this heat segment as the first Velocity match. Benoit's chop to the head as a hope spot is great. Regal's verbal selling is awesome. JBL is having a helluva time. Benoit's struggle to get the Dragon Suplex was great and quick finish with the Crossface leads to the sick visual of Regal bleeding from the head and Benoit bleeding from the mouth.


Intense yes, but I thought the violence was gratuitous at times. Unlike the first Velocity match which felt like it was building to something and paid off well with Benoit overcoming the Regal onslaught to win. Here they pieced together their two Velocity matches ramped up the violence and Benoit's selling was not as good. I cant say part of me didn't enjoy this because there was great pro wrestling in here. Anything this intense is going to be gripping to watch, but I think the first Velocity match from 2005 is the classic from these two not this one. ***1/4

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