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[2007-12-29-ROH-Rising Above] Nigel McGuinness vs Austin Aries

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ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness vs Austin Aries - ROH 12/29/07

How many concussions did Nigel receive in this match? Holy shit! This has to be in the Top 10 Hardest Matches To Watch. I couldn’t stop cringing. The fans were turning on Nigel because he had the audacity to take time off as the Champ yo heal a bicep injury. He deserves a fucking medal of courage for this performance. So Nigel was playing up this chump character by going to the safety of the ropes when ever Aries went for the arm. Aries has enough and slaps the taste out of his mouth. Nigel powders and soaks in the jeers. He has his back to the ring. Aries comes fucking flying out of the ring like has shot out of a canon to wiping Nigel out. Nigel’s fucking head SMASHES into the guardrail unprotected. He has this mast gash over his right eyebrow and is clearly fucking of it. This is FIVE minutes into the match. So he wrestles the rest of the match 18-20 minutes concusses out of his fucking mind while the fans screaming for Aries to fuck him up and Aries REPEATEDLY rocks him with elbows, slaps, punches and knees. It was disgusting. This was brutal to watch. They did get a rhythm going after five minutes after the initial blow to the head. This match easily could have been dueling arm psychology built around each man’s submission finish but Aries wouldn’t stop going for the head. Complaining about the match structure seems frivolous given Nigel’s head trauma but it was a total clusterfuck. Nothing made sense they were just throwing shit out there and trying to pop the crowd with dangerous shit (Aries took a couple nutty bumps) and highspots. I couldn’t stop cringing. They wouldn’t eventually use this to play into the Danielson match from 2008 match I love. Wrestling fans thought Nigel was the heel for being a pussy  after this match...bad look for wrestling fans. Happy Nigel is still with us and collecting a paycheck from WWE. Dude deserves a medal of courage he is All Man in my book. 

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