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[2008-12-27-ROH-Fight Without Honor] Bryan Danielson vs Takeshi Morishima


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  • 3 years later...

Amazing. Simple heel/face dynamic and the fans actually bought into it. This crowd was rabid for Danielson to finally get his big win over Morishima after a year and a half. Bryan starts off hot by attacking Morishima while the Final Countdown plays. Few things are as fucking awesome as Bryan Danielson hitting a crowd dive and still having the time to sing "It's the Final Countdown!" I love how the hardcore elements were just minimal enough to keep it realistic and urgent and brutal. The uses of the chain were great and varies and made relevant through the whole match. Bryan as a bleeding underdog bumping for the monster Morishima is just one of the best combos in wrestling. Amazing, amazing match. Probably the best they ever had together.



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HERE WE FUCKING GO. ALWAYS GET FIRED UP WATCHING THE ENTRANCES WHEN DANIELSON JUMPS MORISHIMA AS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN IS PLAYING & HE POSES TO THE TUNE OF IT AFTER DOING HIS BIG DIVE TO THE CROWD ONTO MORISHIMA. This is absolutely EVERYTHING I wanted out of a match to end one of the greatest pro wrestling rivalries of all-time. One last WAR between Danielson & Morishima. Morishima is bigger & meaner than ever, beating the shit out of Bryan, Bryan rocks color w/ that scruffy hair & beard of his in superb fashion, Bryan's comebacks were perfect, the callbacks to their previous matches were terrific etc, etc. It's just a violent masterpiece of a match. Danielson vs. Morishima is a feud that everyone needs to witness at least once. I'll never get tired of watching it starting from their Manhattan Mayhem classic to this, Fight Without Honor warfare at Final Battle 08. Danielson vs. Morishima IS Pro Wrestling. *****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2008-12-27-ROH-Fight Without Honor] Bryan Danielson vs Takeshi Morishima

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