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[2009-12-22-NJPW-Super J Cup] Koji Kanemoto vs Fujita Jr Hayato


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Starts out as a brawl, which is really good. These two beating the tar out of one another is a lot of fun. Then we get to the finishing sequence and Koji goes right for an anklelock, which is fine despite the lack of legwork. Hayato sells the leg as Koji kicks it out from under him. Then Koji....goes up top for a rolling senton. And follows with his falcon arrow thingy. I have started to dread Kanemoto finishing runs, because he seems to always get his shit (the moves above, moonsault which thankfully was not here, tiger suplex which was, but hayato had a brilliant kickout on it) in regardless of what has happened earlier in the match and what the finish is. Hayato gets some finishers in after a painfully obvious setup (Koji going for another boot scrape off the ropes after already doing it). Koji hits the great tiger suplex spot, but Hayato goes back on offense and eventually re-tries a ground head kick sequence, which has to mean...yep, anklelock. And this time with all kinds of extra twisting and hurtiness. That's the end, but if that was always going to be the end why did Koji go back to the non-leg stuff besides bad habit? Legwork with a few big things in between would have set up that finish so much better. It's good enough to make the bottom of my ballot, but that finishing sequence hurts it a lot.

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Fujita Jr. Hayato vs Koji Kanemoto - NJPW Super J Cup 12/02/09


Hard Rock Hallelujah, big ass hair and a middle finger to the sky, move over Yoshinari Ogawa, I think I have a new favorite wrestler and his name is Fujita Jr Muthafuckin Hayato. The beginning of this match was absolutely electric. I know Hayato always comes in with a bad attitude, but I have no idea what he did to piss in Kanemoto's corn flakes It was just amazing stand up fighting that felt hate-filled and violent. I loved how Kanemoto would grab Hayato hair and unload. Kanemoto in a full mount with his hand around Hayato's throat and throwing closed fists was the best opening to pretty much any match so far. I loved the early matwork as it was a struggle from the beginning with Hayato gouging the eyes and getting a cross armbreaker which triggers flailing from Kanemoto. Kanemoto gets his facewashes in to show up Hayato. Outside the ring they throw each other into chairs and wipe out fans. Kanemoto pulls Hayato down from the apron by his hair. There is just great atmosphere for this match. The crowd is hot and there is just a buzz to this match. Hayato wins an apron battle and punts Kanemoto with a wicked kick. The fight continues in the ring with Hayato's bone-crushing kicks. Kanemoto applies a deep double wristlock out of a German suplex into a heel hook that Hayato sells like a million bucks including a lunge for the ropes and then not being able to walk. Kanemoto drills a Steiner Screwdriver, but goes back for a facewask, which seems more like a move of humiliation and weird choice this late. Hayato jumps at the opportunity to apply a guillotine choke. Kanemoto makes the ropes. They simultaneously kick each other in the head. Kanemoto ends up on his ass; Hayato looks to take his head off, but Kanemoto catches the kick for a heel hook submission.

What a fucking fight! Has 2009 been the year of the juniors or what! I loved the energy and the hate. They were just leaving everything they had in that ring. I don't know if this match had a buzz coming into it, but fuck man as soon they opened up they had that place going mad. My complaint is the lack of selling. It is a fucking fight. I am not expecting Ricky Morton selling, but sometimes Kanemoto seemed to just plain not care about selling and would just go on a no-selling rampage. It felt like he was showing up Hayato but in a borderline unprofessional way. That just keeps it from MOTDC status still a strong 2009 MOTYC. I got it number two behind KENTA/Suzuki. Badass fight that everyone take a chance to watch, ****1/2

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Just rewatched this today for the first time in years. Most who are familiar with me would know that this is one of my all time favourite matches. I gave it five stars at the time, and it held up on initial rewatch. Now years removed, I was interested to see if I could still reasonably call it one of the greatest matches I've ever seen. Well folks, this is one of the greatest matches I've ever seen. It was PERFECT for what it was setting out to be.


You have to wonder, how much did Koji know about Fujita going in? Was he expecting to have a career match here? I would assume not. Then this little wirey fucker just comes in and TAKES IT TO HIM with absolutely no fear, and almost disrespect for the veteran. The moment where Hayato gets back on the apron and refuses to even look at Koji was just unforgettable. Put me in the camp of loving the finish. Fujita smelled blood in the water and thought he had his shot, but he over extended himself and was caught in the most perfect manner possible.


Beautfiul professional wrestling. A lock for my top 5.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2009-12-22-NJPW-Super J Cup] Koji Kanemoto vs Fujita Jr Hayato

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