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  1. Alan4L

    Best of Japan 2000-2009 vote

    he's ok. He got a pretty major job in politics and chose to remove himself from online stuff. I'm the same as you, would like to know results but had such a good time doing my list that I don't mind. Here's mine by the way. http://www.voicesofwrestling.com/alan4ls-prowres-paradise/best-of-2000s-puro-ballot/
  2. Alan4L

    Minoru Tanaka

    Unbelievable longevity for this guy. some of my fave Tanaka matches that are online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRLqK_4cocw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOV4UEvIM0U http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x375ksz_minoru-tanaka-vs-katsuyori-shibata-njpw_sport http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x37rpvc_tanaka-hidaka_sport
  3. Alan4L

    Susumu Yokosuka

    was alerted to this request, and first off delighted to see Susumu nominated (and Minoru Tanaka too, so I'll dip into that thread also). The problem with pimping the DG guy to new people is that most of their stuff exists on people's hard drives and not on youtube/dailymotion. Pretty much everything has surfaced online over the years but very little of it has stuck since GAORA decided they didn't want their stuff online. With that said, I found a couple of Susumu goodies worth sharing: vs. Flamita (a proper pro's performance making the young flyer look like a million bucks) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnMYPMIVKlw the first match in the 3 match series against Shingo on British soil. Really this match cemented DG-UK as a thing: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2qhqzf_shingo-vs-susumu-yokosuka-dragon-gate-uk-2009_sport vs. CIMA http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x65q3s_cima-vs-susumu-yokosuka_sport vs. Shingo for the title in Japan (Susumu sells his ribs like crazy IIRC) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7ze8j_shingo-takagi-c-vs-susumu-yokosuka_news
  4. Alan4L

    Best of Japan 2000-2009 vote

    I'm pretty sure there were enough ballots but Ditch seems to have disappeared recently. I sent him an email. Hoping he's ok.
  5. Alan4L

    Reinstating Rovert

    Sorry lads, but this is the dumbest shit I've ever seen. He was havin' a fucking laugh on twitter - no need to be so sensitive about it. Bring him back, and get over it. If ye are gonna be this narky a message board, then I think it'll be adios from me - and I hate to say that because I really wanted to participate in the GWE project next year. Please don't view that as me "taking a stand" or anything like that because the last thing I'm gonna take a stand over is a message board row. It's just I'd rather not spend my time at a place that can be so sensitive. Fuck sake, I'd feel like I'd have to walk around on my tippy toes in ballet shoes so as to not bother someone.
  6. most disappointing match of the whole project for me, and honestly cements Hashimoto as the most disappointing wrestler of the project. I know his final years aren't exactly his calling card but he did have a few big matches which I've seen highly touted, but they've all fallen way short for me aside from the Jan 4 2000 tag match. I found this to be just really boring. Nothing I latched on to and alot of the stuff towards the end looked sloppy.
  7. Alan4L

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    I love both but Tanahashi has had at least four times the MOTYC's as Shinsuke in my book. Probably more to be honest. On paper Shinsuke seems like the better wrestler to me too, but in terms of output it's not even close. Shinsuke lets me down way more than Tanahashi does (this past weekend being a good example).
  8. Alan4L

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    I think Bill covered that pretty well above. It's not that he works light, it's that he works light in a company where the house style is stiff. I wouldn't agree with the house style being stiff. I'd argue that the house style is more leaning towards the Tanahashi/Okada style. You typically get the one crazy stiff war on every big show and it usually involes Ishii, Goto or Shibata but the top guys deploy a more measured style. Shinsuke, despite the King Of Strong Style monikor has become a very "careful" wrestler. Younger guys like KUSHIDA, Naito and Ibushi are following more in the Tanahashi style than the Ishii style.
  9. haha, Chubby Rey is Magnitude Kishiwada - a former Osaka Pro guy (Big Boss Magma). The Rey comparison is hilarious because unlike Rey, Magnitude is one of the least giving wrestlers ever. I was a fan but I'd certainly admit that selling was not a strong point of his. Great match with a superb finishing run. I'd have it a notch below the May tag but still comfortably top half on my ballot.
  10. this will fall in my top 25 I think - a glorious example of Dragon Gate tag action. It was all the crazy action, moves and nearfalls that you'd hope for but with a ton of heat and hatred sprinkled on top. Fit perfectly in with the storyline they were doing at the time and helped New Hazard get off to an awesome start as a group (unfortunately injuries killed their momentum before the summer was out).
  11. Alan4L

    Hiroshi Tanahashi

    Bill, curious what you think. With all the points you raised above, why do you think crowds react to Tanahashi and his matches like they do? That Ishii match I thought was the second best match of last year, and it wasn't just because Ishii was incredible in it (he was). Tanahashi was the perfect foil for what Ishii is, and all of Ishii's stuff meant so much more because of how Tanahashi reacted, and sold. The drama and the way the crowd were biting on the nearfalls and the switches in momentum was a joy to watch.
  12. Alan4L

    Ric Flair

    I have loads of Flair to watch/rewatch and am going to have as open a mind as possible, but historically I haven't loved his most hyped stuff as much as others. I think it's going to be very hard for him to overtake a Kobashi or a Danielson for my top spot. His ceiling for me is probably 3. Not sure what his floor will be. Hard to imagine it being lower than top 15 though.
  13. Alan4L

    Kazuchika Okada

    If he has a 2015 that rivals his last three years, I will have zero problem voting for him. Probably hard to go top 30 or anything like that but he could be on the list no bother.
  14. Alan4L


    well I'd say I'm the outlier to that if that's true. He's close to being my favourite guy in WWE right now, and as a whole I think his WWE work has been stellar. I get actively pissed off when the smarky North East crowds shit on him, and chant "boring" and stuff. For anyone wondering about his pre-WWE career, he was atrocious. Dunno how much I'd hold it against him though - particularly if he keeps his good WWE work going. I think his body of work, particularly 2012, is very good. He's rock solid as a performer - a slightly higher up the card Arn Anderson type. It's just his characterisation/caricaturisation that grates with me slightly. oh don't get me wrong, any time he's got a mic in his hands I cringe. His character is grating as hell. EXCEPT when he's in the midst of a match. It's funny, we give the likes of Austin and Hansen props for getting across their character so well during the course of a match. With Sheamus, it's almost like I'd give him props for managing to make me forget about his shitty character during the course of the match!