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[1998-03-12-WCW-Thunder] 'Chris Jericho' vs Dean Malenko


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Malenko gets attacked by Malenko on his way to the ring. Jericho is wearing the Juvy match throughout the match and he pounds down on Dean. Jericho gets a suplex and pins him yelling come on baby. Malenko makes his comeback and a leg lariat gets a nearfall. I guess Lee Marshall was replaced on this Thunder? Malenko locks on the cloverleaf and we have a new champion as the crowd pops big. Malenko keeps pounding on Jericho after the match and takes off his mask to reveal Lenny Lane. Jericho comes out and beats up Malenko and Lane and locks on the lion tamer. Is any promotion in history better at the mask gimmick surprise as WCW? Fun stuff. (*)

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Just like the La Parka angle, they cleverly cover up any possibility of a guy being exposed while doing the entrance--here, Lenny Jericho jumps Malenko in the aisle. Lane does an adequate enough job of passing for Jericho and has everyone fooled, and does a good imitation of the arrogant-cover pose. He taps to the Cloverleaf in short order, but Malenko's apparent title win is cut short as he's leveled from behind by Jericho, who even pops Lane just because he can. A fun angle and Jericho is easily the best and freshest part of the entire WCW roster.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-03-12-WCW-Thunder] 'Chris Jericho' vs Dean Malenko

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