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[1998-04-09-WCW-Thunder] Interview: Chris Jericho


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Jericho demands that Skee-a-vone calls him by his proper name in a funny moment. Jericho claims that Prince Iaukea weighs too much to challenge for the cruiserweight title and asks him to come out and step on Jericho's scale to prove it. Iaukea is within the weight limit and Jericho argues that it's not calibrated properly before finally bashing him over the head with it. Kudos to Jericho for trying to make something out of a nothing match that is really beneath him at this point.

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Tony Skeeavone stands by with Chris Jericho, who makes an amusing reference to the fan run-in on Raven. Jericho is incensed that the fat and out-of-shape Prince Nakamaki is getting a Cruiserweight title shot despite weighing more than Jericho's slim, trim 224 3/4 pounds. Iaukea weighs in at 218 pounds, but Jericho determines that the scale wasn't calibrated properly, and does so over Nakamaki's head.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-04-09-WCW-Thunder] Interview: Chris Jericho

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